This is the first book in the Percy Jackson series and this is when Percy finds out that the gods and demigods he considered to be a myth are actually real.

It starts when Percy  is attacked by one of his teachers on a field trip. His confusion increases when everyone says  that teacher  never existed. He is expelled, and this is the latest in a series of schools he is expelled from because of misbehaviour arising from severe ADHD.

At the end of the school term he goes home to his mom Sally and his repulsive stepdad Gabe to what seems like a standard summer vacation. However, a few hours later he, his mom and best friend Grover find themselves being chased by a mythological monster, driving to a mysterious property line his mom and Grover know of. Percy and Grover barely make it past the boundary line, while Sally disappears.

On the other side of the boundary is Camp Half-Blood, the training camp for demi-gods.  Annabeth, a secretive blonde helps Percy get settled and he also meets Luke, the head counsellor for his temporary cabin.

It is during a training activity here that Percy gets claimed by his godly parent, Poseidon.

In this book, Percy’s quest is to locate and return Zeus’ main weapon, the lighting bolt. Percy is chosen for this because Zeus is blaming Poseidon for the theft and is threatening dire consequences if the bolt is not returned by a certain date.

Percy takes Annabeth and Grover go with him and they battle monsters, escape traps and blow up things and even do obedience training with Cerberus, the three headed underworld guard dog.

Eventually, the lightning bolt is retrieved not from Poseidon, but from a very surprising person, who stole it for a terrifying cause.



I hope this interests you enough to check back next week for the next blog on Percy’s adventures in The Sea of Monsters.

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