This is the second book in the series and as the title suggests it is about a sea of monsters.

By now Percy knows all about who he is and about monsters and gods. He also knows that being a son of one of the Big Three, he has a very strong aura that attracts monsters.

At the start of the summer break, he learns that he and Annabeth are not supposed to return to Camp Half Blood this summer. However the story would not get anywhere if demigods did what they were told, and these two find their way to camp, which is protected by a magical pine tree at the boundary between Camp Half-Blood and the mortal world. This tree is the spirit of Thalia Grace, a young fighter who died here, but her godly father kept her spirit alive in the tree.

Upon arrival at camp Percy learns Thalia’s tree is dying and the magical boundaries are failing. Percy realises there have been some very unpleasant changes at camp, including Grover’s disappearance, and the arrival of a monstrous half-brother.

The new camp director unwillingly orders a quest to the Sea of Monsters led by Percy’s arch rival. Needless to say Percy is not included in the quest but follows, along with Annabeth and his half brother.

The quest involves sneaking aboard a monster infested ship in the Bermuda Triangle, battle with a hydra, a trip to a spa, escape from pirates, being rescued by his arch enemy, rescuing Grover and eventually finding the means to heal Thalia’s tree.

So in conclusion they break a lot of rules, but still save camp and most unexpectedly, revive a powerful demigod.

Tune in next week for Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse!

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