This is the third book in the series and like the title suggest, it involves Titans. Before we start, a heads up on Titans. Titans were the immortals before the gods – in fact, they are the dads and uncles of the gods.

The story starts with Percy on his way to answer a distress call from Grover at a military school, accompanied by Annabeth and Thalia, the daughter of Zeus. When they meet Grover at the school he says he found two half bloods, Bianca and Nico di Angelo. Thalia, being senior to them all decides to delay rescue until a suspicious teacher – Dr Thorn – leaves, but when they look again Dr Thorn and the kids are gone.

Percy manages to recover the di Angelo siblings but Dr Thorn escapes, taking Annabeth with him.

This is when Artemis shows up with her Hunters, a band of immortal girls. Artemis has to go on a solitary quest, and sends the Hunters to Camp Half Blood with Grover and the demi-gods, much to the girls’ disgust. Artemis gets captured and this creates more misery for her devoted Hunters.

The fun comes when in a game of Capture the Flag, campers versus hunters,  the campers lose to the hunters!!

The Oracle gives Zoe Nightshade, the leader of the Hunters a quest that campers and hunters must work together to complete. Most unhappy to be working together, the Hunters and campers set off. When Percy realises he is not included in the group of questers, he follows them secretly into San Francisco.

After being chased by myriad monsters, the questers finally make it to San Fransisco’s Mount Tamalpais, where the Titan’s fortress is. Upon further discovery they realise that the Titan Atlas is  forcing Artemis to hold up the sky. They eventually, after losing a good friend, force Atlas to retake his his burden of holding up the sky.

The end involves saving a friend, losing one to death and another to immortality. Read the book to find out who gets saved, who dies and who turns immortal!

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