The Battle of the Labyrinth

This book starts with Percy going to orientation at at his new school, where his moms’ boyfriend teaches. Also present is Rachel, a mortal with clear sight who saved his life in the previous book.

Since nothing can go smoothly in Percy’s life, this occasion too is interrupted by demons, but Rachel helps him fight and escape them. Percy meets Annabeth while running away and they return to Camp Half-Blood against Sally and Chiron’s wishes. Once there, he learns Grover wants to go into the Labyrinth to look for the wild god Pan. Percy also learns that there’s a new sword master and that Luke might be trying to invade camp.

The campers also learn of an undefended entrance into the camp from the Labyrinth, which Luke and Kronos are planning on using to attack Camp Half-Blood.

A quest is issued under Annabeth’s leadership to find Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth and stop him from helping the monsters. Annabeth chooses Percy, Grover and Tyson to go along with her.

However, even  with the help from the queen of the gods the four cannot avoid mishaps. Tyson and Grover leave the demigods to search for Pan while Percy and Annabeth look for Daedalus. After a particularly fiery battle with monsters, Percy and Annabeth also get separated, but later meet up at the camp again.

Accompanied by a mortal the two again enter the maze, eventually finding Daedalus and convincing him to help. However, this does not stop Luke from raising Kronos and a deadly battle ensues at the camp.

There are deaths, injuries and much to mourn after the battle, but the campers and all those who come to their aid triumph over the monsters. Percy is told that there is a way to defeat Kronos for good by Nico.

In this book, Percy’s parents FINALLY meet each other, but you have to read it to know what happens!

Tomorrow I will talk about the last book and the final battle between good and evil that could save or destroy the world as we know it, so stay tuned!!

Yours truly,



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