Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

The final book is starting with Percy’s mission to vanquish Kronos.

Percy finally gets to see his father’s realm, where he learns big, but  not necessarily good news – the possible end of the world is very near, and nobody is defending Olympus. In this book, he also learns the big prophecy.

After many failed plans to rid the world of evil, Percy realises he has to put Nico’s plan into action if he wants to save Olympus and the Western Civilisation. Percy calls all of Camp Half Blood to help protect Olympus until the gods can come to help them.

The battle is between forty demigods and untold evil.Like always, they fight a variety of monsters and those demigods who side Kronos. However, with a spy in the demigods camp, they cannot last very long. The battle starts going downhill and things are not looking good for demigods from Camp Half-Blood.

The final battle takes place on Olympus between Kronos and Percy. Knowing how every book ends we can guess the outcome, but I can safely say I was exceedingly shocked over how it happened. The gods are generous with their rewards after winning the battle, but you must read the book to find their jaw dropping awards.

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