This series has 3 books. The Selection is a romance novel set in the future, in a fictional country, Illea. We follow America Singer, a justice demanding teen.

Illea still has the monarchy system. In accordance with the laws, princes of Illea are required to marry commoners. The title of this book in the series, “The Selection” is so because this is when 35 lucky, randomly picked girls go to the palace for a chance to win Prince Maxon’s heart. The prince is now of age and girls all over the country are ready for the Selection.

However for America Singer it means turning on her secret love, Aspen, and she has no intention of even trying out for the Selection. But with a irresistible proposition and a special request America decides to try out, convinced that if the Selection is truly random, she has no chance of being picked. Now, we know that the book wouldn’t go further without America’s selection, and sure enough America is picked.

At the palace, America is making it clear to Maxon that she does not have any sort of affection for him. She decides to stay only so that she can help her family. But no one can resist Maxon for long. America slowly falls in love with Maxon and starts to get over Aspen.

However, she gets the shock of her life and her heart is completely torn all over again. Things don’y improve when Aspen delivers startling news.

So now America is going to have to choose for real. Maxon or Aspen?

Yours truly,




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