In this book, there are only six of the selected girls left in the palace, others have been eliminated. America has always been Maxon’s favourite and they are still going strong, Maxon shows America a secret room in the strictest confidence. America is still undecided about Maxon or Aspen so she asks for time to consider and the two boys give it to her.

At Maxon’s Halloween celebration America thinks she has found her Prince Charming in Maxon.

That was before America’s world shattered by a shocking elimination for which she blames Maxon. Here onwards, their relationship starts experiencing bumps.

While America recovers from the shock, Maxon realises Kriss Ambers, another selection candidate is a good choice for future princess. Now Maxon is also wrestling between two people, America or Kriss.

America decides she wants to leave the Selection and takes a sudden opportunity presented when The Elite are given a philanthropy project. America designs a rebellious project that makes King Clarkson very angry. Getting a king on your bad side is not a smart move and America realises that after Maxon takes her punishment. Maxon no longer trusts America and her world turns dark.

Read the book to know what happens next:

Will America’s Prince Charming be Maxon or Aspen?

Will Maxon choose America or Kriss?

Let me know who you think will win in the comment section.

Yours truly,




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