The last book in the Selection Series. A lot of you will be holding your breath wondering what happens. I can safely say I was ready to scream.

Rebel attacks are getting more and more frequent in Illea and everyone is losing patience with them. The Elite are now four and the competition is fierce. America’s main competition is Kriss, and Maxon is fond of both of them. Her heart being pulled in two different directions America realises she needs to choose. Fast.

The Elite keep being presented with challenges that show their submission to laws of Illea. America being who she is, barely passes these. She is faced with a series of heart wrenching challenges that tempt her to leave the Selection including a loved one’s death, King Clarkson’s urge to get her eliminated and her hopelessness of ever being chosen.

Towards the end, America has decided who she will choose but I cannot say the same for Maxon. I can’t say that it’ll be a fun ride to get to Maxon’s decision but it was worth it.The climax of this book will make you want to scream and cry at the same time and it’s extremely surprising.

Please read the book to know what happens. I guarantee it is an amazing read, slightly cheesy but still amazing.

Also tell me what book or series to blog about next.

Yours truly,




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