America and Maxon Schreave are now married, and they have a daughter, Eadyln. Eadyln is heir to the throne of Illea and she is serious about it. For those of you who read the Selection series, you might have read about Maxon’s plans for the caste system. Unfortunately, there are still many, many issues regarding the former castes. So in order to try and quell the unrest, Maxon asks Eadyln to host her own Selection.

Eadyln however is not head over heels for this idea, she would rather rule the country alone. She feels that way so she wields her power and authority like a sword ( Its bold because it’s Keira Cass’s own words), and frankly she IS capable enough and she does love her country. Even though she’s strictly against it she knows her duties come first, so she agrees to try and host the first ever Selection for the hand of a princess.

Eadyln is cold,harsh and she is very hard to impress, so the suitors are very anxious to try to be on her good side. So while this is happening, we do get a look at some of the other characters introduced during Maxon’s selection, like Lucy,Aspen and occasionally Marlee.

But keep in mind there are MEN in the palace, there are no dainty ladies trying to look pretty. With men in the palace the Selection takes on a whole new meaning, there are fights and interesting moments that make even Eadyln start to enjoy more.

The book is filled with quirky,scary and funny moments that make it all worthwhile.

The end is so shocking it will leave you craving for more.

Yours truly,




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