Anne of Green Gables

This is one of the most loved classics of all time, I generally don’t  do classics but here we are.

Anne is an orphan with a troubled, unloved life. She lived in an asylum before she was adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Strict Marilla and shy Matthew have no idea how to raise a child but they have decided to try.

Anne has bright red hair, freckles and large grey eyes. She has an active imagination and a fiery temper  that are always getting her into scrapes.

From yelling at an elderly woman, getting stuck in the roof, breaking her slate over a boys’ head to dying her hair green, Anne has done it all. Marilla however, believes that Anne should be as somber as she herself is. Will Anne be able to charm her way into Marilla’s heart before Marilla sends her back?

This book is hilarious, intriguing and relatable with no real storyline. Loyal and trusting, Anne will make you laugh out loud. While most people might find this boring, let me promise you, with Anne Shirley nothing is boring. It’s definitely a must read


I know it was short and not my best, but for now its the best I could do. Bye! I seriously love you guys. In June I’ll start with the Heroes of Olympus series. BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


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