Anne of Green Gables

This is one of the most loved classics of all time, I generally don’t  do classics but here we are.

Anne is an orphan with a troubled, unloved life. She lived in an asylum before she was adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Strict Marilla and shy Matthew have no idea how to raise a child but they have decided to try.

Anne has bright red hair, freckles and large grey eyes. She has an active imagination and a fiery temper  that are always getting her into scrapes.

From yelling at an elderly woman, getting stuck in the roof, breaking her slate over a boys’ head to dying her hair green, Anne has done it all. Marilla however, believes that Anne should be as somber as she herself is. Will Anne be able to charm her way into Marilla’s heart before Marilla sends her back?

This book is hilarious, intriguing and relatable with no real storyline. Loyal and trusting, Anne will make you laugh out loud. While most people might find this boring, let me promise you, with Anne Shirley nothing is boring. It’s definitely a must read


I know it was short and not my best, but for now its the best I could do. Bye! I seriously love you guys. In June I’ll start with the Heroes of Olympus series. BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


My Discontinuation

Hi guys!

I’m sorry but I’m going to be discontinuing this blog for a while. Something totally unexpected has come up, and it requires my immediate attention. I will be continuing my blog in June but I’m writing one last blog (for now). I’ll be posting it today.


The Heir

America and Maxon Schreave are now married, and they have a daughter, Eadyln. Eadyln is heir to the throne of Illea and she is serious about it. For those of you who read the Selection series, you might have read about Maxon’s plans for the caste system. Unfortunately, there are still many, many issues regarding the former castes. So in order to try and quell the unrest, Maxon asks Eadyln to host her own Selection.

Eadyln however is not head over heels for this idea, she would rather rule the country alone. She feels that way so she wields her power and authority like a sword ( Its bold because it’s Keira Cass’s own words), and frankly she IS capable enough and she does love her country. Even though she’s strictly against it she knows her duties come first, so she agrees to try and host the first ever Selection for the hand of a princess.

Eadyln is cold,harsh and she is very hard to impress, so the suitors are very anxious to try to be on her good side. So while this is happening, we do get a look at some of the other characters introduced during Maxon’s selection, like Lucy,Aspen and occasionally Marlee.

But keep in mind there are MEN in the palace, there are no dainty ladies trying to look pretty. With men in the palace the Selection takes on a whole new meaning, there are fights and interesting moments that make even Eadyln start to enjoy more.

The book is filled with quirky,scary and funny moments that make it all worthwhile.

The end is so shocking it will leave you craving for more.

Yours truly,



The Siren

This novel is written by Kiera Cass. The Siren is the heartbreaking story of Kahlen, a Siren. Sirens are immortal girls who cannot get sick or hurt, and are cursed: they can’t talk unless they have to drown someone.She lures people to death by singing, but she never really liked it. She serves the Ocean, an individual who can’t be seen and lives in the ocean itself.

With two other  Sirens, Miaka and Elizabeth, she tries to fit in with regular humans but she really can’t. She feels the difference too much and it doesn’t help that she’s haunted by every person she drowned.

That was before she met Akinli. A boy who doesn’t care that she can’t speak. She felt her heart beat faster the first time she saw him. She fell in love with him and she knew it.

Only one problem. Sirens aren’t  allowed to fall in love. But Kahlen thinks it’ll be ok. After all, she’s the Ocean’s favourite!

After a few days of meetings, Kahlen has to move.  Soon after the Ocean tells the Sirens to drown a boat. Kahlen manages to follow orders until she sees a bride onboard. She realises this is not who she is and runs away, ending up at Port Clyde where miraculously she meets Akinli again.

But with one tiny mistake, Kahlen’s world is turned upside down. She’s dying and so is someone else. It ends in a surprising way with Kahlen finding the life she never thought she could have. The ending blew me away.

All in all, a fabulous read, but still not as good as The Selection series. Definitely recommended.

Yours truly,


The One

The last book in the Selection Series. A lot of you will be holding your breath wondering what happens. I can safely say I was ready to scream.

Rebel attacks are getting more and more frequent in Illea and everyone is losing patience with them. The Elite are now four and the competition is fierce. America’s main competition is Kriss, and Maxon is fond of both of them. Her heart being pulled in two different directions America realises she needs to choose. Fast.

The Elite keep being presented with challenges that show their submission to laws of Illea. America being who she is, barely passes these. She is faced with a series of heart wrenching challenges that tempt her to leave the Selection including a loved one’s death, King Clarkson’s urge to get her eliminated and her hopelessness of ever being chosen.

Towards the end, America has decided who she will choose but I cannot say the same for Maxon. I can’t say that it’ll be a fun ride to get to Maxon’s decision but it was worth it.The climax of this book will make you want to scream and cry at the same time and it’s extremely surprising.

Please read the book to know what happens. I guarantee it is an amazing read, slightly cheesy but still amazing.

Also tell me what book or series to blog about next.

Yours truly,